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  1. momof6

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    We installed a water softener in our home around 8 years ago. (From a company that manufactures their units here in Utah). Recently it started to leak. It turns out that our pressure regulator for our house has died causing very high water pressures to crack the case of our water softener.

    Unfortunately, high water pressure voids the warranty with company, so I am looking at at around $300 to replace the case. The service technician recommended that due to fact that we have very hard water, I would be better off purchasing a new water softener--for around $2000--I am assuming this is there "base" model. I did not ask for further details on the unit. The service technician said that the water softener I have has around a 10 year life span anyway due to the extreme hardness of our water here in Utah.

    I am trying to find out the specifics of our current system. It has an electronic meter, and cycles after so many gallons. I also remember the sales guy--eight years back mentioning that it used resin.

    So any guesses to if I should repair or replace?

    And if I should replace, any good ideas on a reliable unit that can withstand very hard water?

    Thanks for your input!
  2. Akpsdvan

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    If you could post a photo that would help.

    So it is the media tank that is in question? did it break?
  3. Gary Slusser

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    That guy is simply trying to sell a new softener and not telling the truth or he doesn't know the truth. The truth is you can replace resin for like $100 per cuft including UPS delivery.

    I say replace the tank and the resin at the same time IF your resin is bad. You determine if the resin was bad by recalling if you had soft water before the tank burst or not. Resin usually lasts 15-20 years and the amount of hardness in the water has nothing to do with resin life.

    Control valves can be rebuilt in about an hour usually for less than $175 if you DIY.
  4. momof6

    momof6 New Member

    Thnks for your insight. I apologize for my ignorance. I called the softener company and learned that my unit is a single cyle unit, with a brine rinse. It is flow reliant. The gentleman explained that because it is a brine rinse, the water can start to chanel over time and compact the resin. This is why he would recommend a unit that has a back cyle (? I think this is what he calls it) that "fluffs" up the resin. Do I need this?

    Also, I am curious about how one would replace the resin. I have a trusted plumber--would he know how to do this?
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