remove cartridge from Grohe model 33619

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    I have a leaking cartridge in this shower valve and for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove it so it can be repaired or replaced. It is fairly old but o ring kits and even a cartridge are available.

    I have taken the cap off, the lever and the big nut has been unscrewed and removed but still the cartridge will not come out. I have tried turning it and pulling there does not appear to be any kind of set screw and I had thought the big nut was what held it together. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Here is the cartridge spec.
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    An easy jig to make to remove cartridges

    The small picture on the link you provided almost looks like a MOEN and here is how to do it and I just used it today to remove a Moen tub cartridge.

    In the plumbing or irrigation department, get a 1 & 1/4 inch plastic tee. You may also need few inches of 1 & 1/4 inch pipe or buy a straight connector. Use the screw from the handle to determine the size and threat count and get 4 inch "brass" screw with a round head. Also get a few wing nuts to fit this brass screw.

    At the top of the plastic tee drill a small hole so the screw fits through it, Threat a wing nut on the brass screw so the wings point to the screw head. Now put the bottom part of the plastic tee over the cartridge and threat the screw into the cartridge. Snug it up and then turn the wing nut clockwise. This will push the tee against the valve body the screw will pull on the cartridge. You might need to add a few inches of pipe or use the straight connector so it all fits. This will work and you might need to use a pair of pliers on the wing nut. Since the tee pushes against the valve body and the screw pulls on the cartridge, there are no damaging forces on the plumbing.

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    Thanks for the idea and it looks like a good one but there is nothing to thread into the Grohe cartrige. The lever installs through a hole. No threaded part in the cartridge
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