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  1. Rant

    Well, this showed up on my regular news tonight.


    Executive Compensation Issues

    I find this story to be so upsetting, let alone down right disruptive to the entire process of "giving to others" that I'm going to start a non-profit organization.​

    I'm going to pay myself peanuts and save the world because I'm taking the money that is given to me and I'm going to put it where the damn money belongs, right where it was intended to go instead of the fish-eyed floozies who think that their donations are well spent.​

    They're not and you're feeding the get rich scheme all the way.​

    There is no way that the top dog in these affiliations earns what his true worth is. ​

    To take my money HERE, and put it THERE isn't that hard to do, especially when you know when you take money has to go THERE without 80-90% chopped out of it for no reason.​

    When I was just a employee to a company...these affiliations ignored me.​

    When I became the owner of a company, they've been on my heels ever since. ​

    Give once and you'll have a mailbox full of want more give me more, wow thank you you're at the silver medallion level try for gold next year fool! kinda rhetoric to "classify" your status as a giver.​

    It's corporate greed with the head signal to YOU to feel sorry for someone, now pay us and we'll do the right thing. ​

    Pay DIRECTLY to those who need your help, buy what you "think" they need because the odds are greater you'll target that need more efficiently and at a higher percentage rate of money-to-purpose target and the ones in need will thank you graciously...​

    without having a third party in the middle of it taking their more than ample slice of the pie and handing out crumbs. ​

    You CAN do good for others, do it in a way where others cannot profit.

    Read the PDF responses from those affiliations and the "how dare you!" responses were given.

    Justifying the need for greed.​
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  2. Redwood

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  3. jimbo

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    San Diego
    Yikes! A 54 page tax return!

    Anyway, my wife has the charity thing figured out now. She will no longer give any money in support of charitable causes because it it not necessary: Barack the Messiah has promised to take care of everyone@!
  4. hj

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    Give to the Red Cross for the 9/11 needy and their million dollar salaried CEO will use it for operating expenses. Give to medical research and they use it up, but if they actually cure the disease they will be out of a job. Give to the poor and maybe 5 or 10% will get to the needy. When the CEO's stop making multi million dollar salaries, then maybe we will believe they are actually trying to make a difference.
  5. Southern Man

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    North Carolina
    I gave to one of those police benevolent associations years back. I send in 25 bucks and they'd send me a "radar shield" to put on the back of my truck. Then they sold my info to similar organizations, who then called me, and I made some more donations, and the process continued. Soon as was getting several calls per week.

    Now I only give to my church and that's what I say when they call. :mad:
  6. hj

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    Radar shield? Maybe it was something to give the radar a better reading. Or maybe they gave you that because they only use laser guns. Usually they give you an "I am a friend of ............" sticker for your windshield or bumper. They didn't tell you that (insert a name), on the force says you are a dedicated backer of the police force.
  7. Southern Man

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    North Carolina
    That's the euphemism that we used. Mine actually worked once. I was doing 60 in a 45 through Winston-Salem on my way to the guv'mint building when this nice young deputy from te Sheriff's department stopped me. He could tell I hadn't a clue on why and as we discussed it, I discovered that I was indeed incorrect at the location of the speed reduction from 55. He kindly let me on my way without a ticket. Now I have an NRA sticker along side the McCain/Palin that will hopefully do the same thing.
  8. Obama the Plumber

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    That was a very good rant, and you know so many people read this forum, what with the timing, maybe it was your original rant that inspired the article.

    Obama the Plumber
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  9. hj

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    The speed reduction usually occurs about 10' from the radar gun.
  10. that is a good example..

    during the floods this spring here in Indiana
    the American Red Cross comes to town with
    an emergency missioin to help everyone who
    got flooded out...

    they set up shop in a old empty huge building in town
    it used to be a large hardware store with plenty of space...

    they call us on a Satruday morning to look at one toilet
    that was acting up, they claimed that about a hundred
    people were showing up on monday and all the facilities had to be working...

    we go up and fix the one toilet,
    they had 10 others in that ladies room...

    they call us back that Sat after noon and scream and
    holler that it still is not right and demand us to come
    back up there and fix it that day... ok it cant wait till Monday..

    we had to go get special parts and do it that afternoon..

    Then They call us on Monday and need a few other problems taken care of ....

    we fix all the problems in the building....

    I hand the lady in charge the bill for the services

    and she asks if we were going to donate our services to
    the American Red cross.. for a tax donation


    Now .....What would you do???
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  11. Cookie

    Cookie .

    I guess it would depend on the mood I was in. Some days I feel more charitable than others, but either way I would not had liked someone saying that to me at all. To be honest, if someone would had, I think I would had passed and wanted paid.
  12. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    I wouldn't like being asked, especially after the fact and I wouldn't donate that way. And I would have told her so plus a few more of my thoughts about the way they approached it but...

    The American Red Cross is a world wide operation and to be able to help generally unlimited numbers of people whatever is needed on a ASAP basis takes a bunch of money, people, training and expensive equipment and a lot of storage space etc. etc.. I think far too many people don't understand that and are unfair to the Red Cross. Especially when they compare them to the Salvation Army, a great organization in their own right but not on the scale of the Red Cross.
  13. The red cross

    Well, I told them if they would have not
    literally screamed, insisted and demanded
    a return trip on Satruday to fix only one of 20 toilets
    in the building,,,, killing of fthe day for nill.....

    I might have considered donateing the whole job to them
    and I asked them why they did not mention anything about
    it being a charitable donatioin .....before we did the work.....

    they put it on a master card..

    the lady needs to work on her people skills.
  14. Cookie

    Cookie .

    I totally agree with you Mark. 100%
  15. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Yep, that's the way I would have done it and for the same reasons.
  16. Cookie

    Cookie .

    I have come across pretty much the same kind of problem lately. I work at many different things trying to earn a buck since my husband died, trying to pull up the slack. One of the things I do on the side are assessments for kids with special needs trying to mainstream into the public school system. I am good at my job, and I charge a reasonable fee, probably a little less than what are others are infact, charging.

    If the families have a couple of kids with the same problem, I always cut them some slack. One kid, and if the family is having problems, big problems, I will do it free. What gets my dander up is when someone asks me, and before I can even answer starts to try to make me guilty if I would say no.

    In that case, I will be totally honest , I say, " I am sorry but I got 2 kids of my own, I own a house with a payment due, I am paying for everything by myself and it keeps me awake at night." I lay it right back at their feet.

    The people I don't mind doing it for are the ones, who won't ask me, won't even hint, and are so sweet and so concerned about their kid, that it shows that comes first. I try to comply if I can.

    So, I plug along just like everyone else and hope for better days. But, if someone expects it, I say no.
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  17. Kinda like old people asking for a senior citizens discount:

    "I don't age discriminate"

    Mark you did the right thing.

    They do a lot of good for others but the excess is what has them deserving the skepticism of many.

    Every major catastrophe there is in this world...I'll just use that big ass Tsunami years ago where people dumped millions into that country after all those people died,

    we find out years later that millions of dollars were misappropriated, wasted, misspent, pilfered.

    Those people that were think with Katrina or these California fires, you think they are on board to give financial relief to our hardships?

    Never. That wasn't a poor country either....that was a vacation resort. America has their hearts laced to a credit card number these days.

    I get so tired of America trying to fix everyone elses problems but their own...and we gots tons of them right now in this country. There's poor people everywhere in the United States...I guess this isn't spell bounding like a third world country without running water.

    I can take video of some parts of Cincinnati Ohio that would have you grasping for a rosary, and you wasn't religious before I showed you.
  18. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Yea Gary I'm one that doesn't hesitate to compare the Red Cross with The Salvation Army. One is a bumbling bureaucracy overloaded with staff that only functions well at raising cash to fund their bloated needs and the other when needed rolls up their sleeves and gets to work with a minimum of funding. It's all about bang for the buck!

    The Salvation Army is also a worldwide organization serving in 115 countries and territories. They are also in many cities across this country offering care to those in need. Offering social programs from elderly housing to daycare centers, addiction dependency programs, summer camps, counseling and more. Offering health care at hospitals, clinics, Invalid/convalescent homes and more. They also have schools, colleges , and universities...

    And oh yea... They offer disaster relief services... Not just at the big ones like 9/11 & Katrina either. I will tell you that as a fire fighter their canteen truck often shows up at large fires serving coffee & meals to firefighters. They do it every day and they are good at it!

    Gary if you don't believe me visit their website and spend a few hours looking at a fraction of what they do... Here is a great place to start.Salvation Arny Statistics

    Once you realize all they do, look for them in your community and nearby communities. You will be truly surprised at their quiet presence. You thought all they had was a Thrift Store huh? It's a large organization that funds itelf by ringing the bell and filling the kettle. Selling items at it's thrift stores and the link at the bottom of my rant.

    This is from my earlier rant!
    Red Cross CEO Marsha Evans
    Drew a Paycheck of $651,957 (FY ending 06/30/03)

    When 9/11 brought in the dough for them they caught a bunch of flack about holding onto the dough and not distributing it to those in need...
    They were hard at work fixing up offices and getting new computers...

    I recall a friend when I was in the service whose father died. he needed money to fly home for the funeral, The Red Cross "loaned" him the money he had to pay it back....

    I'll tell you the one charity that I give money to...
    The Salvation Army!
    Their CEO takes a Salary that is a mear fraction of $651,957 a year!
    They show up at disasters and serve food to the relief and emergency services workers.

    9/11 Terrorist Attacks: September 11, 2001:
    The Salvation Army was the first relief agency to reach Ground Zero, reporting within a half-hour following the first plane crash at the World Trade Center site. With its mobile canteens, counselors and thousands of volunteers, The Salvation Army served relief workers at the WTC site for over 9 months; leaving only when operations at Ground Zero officially concluded in May, 2002. In the course of the relief effort, dubbed "Operation Compassion Under Fire", The Salvation Army was granted full control of the feeding operation at Ground Zero and also distributed other essential items to relief workers. Perhaps most importantly, Salvation Army counselors provided emotional and spiritual support to rescue and recovery workers working under incredibly difficult conditions.

    3.2 million meals served
    39,000 TSA officers, volunteers and staff provided assistance
    1 million volunteer hours provided
    $90 million donated

    Hurricane Katrina: August 29, 2005:
    Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast of the United States as a strong Category 3 storm on August 29, 2005. The storm proved to be one of the costliest and most deadly in U.S. history. Huge sections of coastline in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi were utterly devastated and approximately 1,600 individuals died as a result of the storm. The Salvation Army responded to the immediate needs of survivors following Katrina and other storms during the unusually active 2005 hurricane season. The Army continues to serve individuals and families affected by Katrina by coordinating long-term clean-up and restoration efforts, providing financial and social service support to hurricane survivors and offering spiritual and emotional care to those impacted by the disaster.

    5.6 million meals served
    2.5 million people assisted
    $382 million donated

    When I was a kid they even sent me to summer camp. I was one of six kids, dad was a low paid cop... A few of my brothers and sisters also went...


    What has the Red Cross done for you besides cash your check?

    This upcoming holiday season think about dropping some $$$ in the red Kettle...
    You'll get some bang for your buck!

    [​IMG]Put Some $ in the Kettle

    By the way, this spring I will be contacting them to offer my donation of any plumbing work they need at their childrens camp.
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  19. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Yes...salvation army is almost the only one that gives almost all of its collections back to those it helps...salarys are very low....
  20. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Redwood, I think I know more about the Salvation Army than you think I do.

    It sounds like I know more about the Red Cross than you do.

    I donate to both. And I admire both.

    And if I didn't have to work to live at age 66, I'd be volunteering with the Red Cross traveling to and living in our motor home on site wherever they needed my wife and I and we could afford to get there and get there on time.
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