Recs for toilet that won't be used often.

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  1. Vix

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    Wichita, KS
    Brand recs for toilet that won't be used often.

    Hi all. I need a recommendation for a toilet that won't be used often. I live alone and this toilet will be located in the half-bath downstairs. I anticipate it being used for flushing liquid waste and the occasional kitty turds (without litter!).

    All suggestions welcome!

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    Toilet report
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  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    As long as you flush it often enough so it doesn't dry out and let sewer gasses up into the house, it should be fine. One other thing, though, do NOT use anything in the tank like one of the tablets. Those are bad enough, but in an infrequently used toilet, the concentration of chlorine in the tank will get excessive and quickly degrade the plastics and rubber components; maybe in as little as a month.
  3. Vix

    Vix New Member

    Wichita, KS
    Jim, thanks, but I need a recommendation for a brand or kind of toilet. What is reasonably priced and reliable for a toilet that won't be used oftern?

    Sorry for the confusion!
  4. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Do you want a toilet that does not work very well? If not, then it makes no difference whether it is used once a year or every half hour. Get a good toilet, not a HD $39.95 special.
  5. used toilet

    some people have too many used toilets that they can't bear to throw out. They remind me of those old car collectors who are waiting for enough decades to go by before their old stuff becomes worth something again for the curiosity value and scarcity value.

    post on a weird auction site an offer to keep an old used toilet in operation, and maybe someone will pay you an annual fee.

    or, find one in the garbage somewhere and plop it down on the flange. Then you become the investor in old things that may be worth more as years go by.

    They all flush.

  6. lee polowczuk

    lee polowczuk New Member

    I am thrilled with our two American Standard Cadet 3's

    the one for the attic (rarely used) was 120.... the other was a 10 in rough in elongated.... i think it was about 100 dollars more.
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