Recommendations needed to improve my water filtration system.

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  1. dergrah

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    Cantley Quebec

    My water sucks and the wife has put in the order that it must get fix ASAP. This is my second post about my system, my softener is broken but for the purposes of this post let’s assume it’s fixed. All the items I have a are 4 ½ years old.

    My current setup is attached with my water test results below

    I have a 10†blue filter with 5micon filter and I plug it up in a month with sand and rusty looking stuff. (manganese?) I should also note that I do get iron bacterial from time to time with out chlorination.

    I’ve had two professionals out to look at the system.

    Fist one actually was interested in keeping some of my existing set up

    He waned to do the following:

    add a storage contact tank before the carbon filter
    add a multi media backwashing filter I think after the carbon filter)
    replacement of all the media in the existing softener and carbon filter.
    Increase the size of the waste water line from ½ to 1 inch. ( DONE I did this myself)

    But after coming out never returned any of my calls.

    Second wanted to replace everything with:

    Sentry I Open-Air with Aqua Booster
    A new Carbon filter
    Multi-Media backwashing filter

    This system would have a storage tank and pump to re-pressurizing water in the house. He was more of a sales man that a water guy in my opinion but did make some convincing arguments about the sentry system ability to off gas vs. the addition of a contact storage tank on my current system.

    The third consult was an online dealer who wanted to sell me:

    Porixde injections system (iron and manganese iradicaton)
    New media for my carbon filter
    A dual tank water softener
    A 20†pleated filter for the sediment

    So many options and I hate throwing out my current system but will replace what is needed.

    Looking for options on what I should do to improve my system that are no based on profit margins.

    I filled a 4.88 Gallon container in 25 sec from the
    input in the first backwashing filter so I think a 10 Gallon per Min flow
    rate is available.

    My last water test results:

    Alkalinity as CaCO mg/L 268
    Chloride mg/L 49
    Conductivity uS/cm 710
    Fluoride mg/L 0.16
    N-NO3 (Nitrate) mg/L <0.10
    pH 7.45
    REDOX Potential mV 78
    Sulphate mg/L 36
    Tannin & Lignin mg/L 0.4
    Hardness as CaCO3 mg/L 312
    Ion Balance 0.95
    Calcium mg/L 102
    Magnesium mg/L 14
    Potassium mg/L 3
    Sodium mg/L 19
    Iron mg/L 0.97
    Manganese mg/L 1.48

    Thank you!


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  2. LLigetfa

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    NW Ontario, Canada
    I'm curious what a multi media backwashing filter is. If it is anything like a birm filter, I would expect it to go before the carbon filter, not after. I assume the storage contact tank is to precipitate for particulate filtering. You would not want that gunking up the carbon.

    Getting quotes and then getting follow-up is sometimes tough and varies by region. Around here, it is based on a system of trust and respect. When I first moved here from the big city, I had problems dealing with local trades and vendors as they were insulted merely by asking questions. I finally had to abrogate the job of GC and let my wife deal with the subs instead.
  3. dergrah

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    Cantley Quebec
    I think it's a sand filter but with two other media types in it and come to think about it they did want to but it before the carbon filter. The storage contact tank is to give the chlorine more contact time but I suspect that is would also help with sediment separation. Your last part of you post has my wife laughing because she's been threatening to demote me and take this problem on herself. My problem is that will result in at least a 10k bill.

  4. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa DIYer, not in the trades

    NW Ontario, Canada
    Ja, a happy wife is a happy life even if it costs another 10 grand. My concern is always whether what is proposed is the best solution and money well spent. I'm not a water quality expert by any stretch of my imagination so I cannot advise based on your water test. I was just thrust into dealing with water quality because of my poor quality water and an unhappy wife.

    I was thinking (and hopefully the experts will set me straight) that maybe a precipitation tank with air injection like the Iron Curtain filter system might be a compromise between the proposed contact tank, and the open-air storage. I wonder how much of what is trapped in the big blue is really sand. Rusty looking stuff, I think is precipitated iron as manganese is usually black and oily.
  5. dergrah

    dergrah New Member

    Cantley Quebec
    Making some progress today. I think I fixed my softener with a part I didn't install :) In the process I changed the filter and this is what 1 1/2 months looks like. Some of it is metallic looking stuff. Happy wife happy life. I need to keep reminding myself of that. Most of the sand and crap is from this filter change

    Derek :)

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