Recommendations for small half bath floor plans?

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by toozie21, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. toozie21

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    Anyone have a good site (I have turned up empty) for a small half bath floor plan? I am looking to add one into the basement and I wanted to see what ideas were out there. Right now I am considering one where the door is in the center of the long wall (opening out) and on the inside the sink is against one of the short walls (since I have duct work above it and can't get a ton of head room) and the toilet would be on the opposite short wall. I figure this could be done in a roughly 7' x 3' area (I was going to find an example in someone's house to measure), but I wasn't sure if there was anything else out there that would also work (considering i have that duct work to work around).
  2. Chad Schloss

    Chad Schloss Member

    minimum space you need for a toilet is 15" from the center of the flange, so min 30" wide (and 12" from the rear wall if you want a 12" rough-in toilet.) If you had more room, i would allot a few more inches on either side for more breathing room. me, being a bigger guy, it makes it difficult to use a smaller space. think of resale, you never know who will buy your house. the front of the toilet needs to have 24" min. clearance in front of it. This is all from me researching half baths a few years back. i forget what sites i used, but someone will come along and suggest some more info, i'm sure.

    look under "small half bath plans" or small half bath ideas" and use "images" and you can find what you are looking for.

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  3. hj

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    3' x 7' is the size of my garage powder room, but you may be going at it backwards. FIRST you should decide HOW the piping could be most conveniently installed, THEN work the room layout and dimensions around it.
  4. toozie21

    toozie21 New Member

    Thanks for all the feedback. It seems like what I have described should work fine for the pumping and drainage in my situation. I definitely have some room to play with, so I was going to look at a minimum, or standard set, then add some more room in like you were mentioning. Nothing worse than being crammed into a bathroom after a day of beer and crabs and thinking you are in a sauna because the walls are right on top of you!
  5. Gary Swart

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    Yakima WA
    Consider the door opening. Many times folks don't and end up with a door that opens into the toilet space. Make sure you have a 12" rough-in for the toilet, it's much simpler if you don't have to hunt for 10" or 14" toilets.
  6. thomasineaadward

    thomasineaadward Thomasine Adward

    Go for the sliding doors, it will secure huge place of opening.
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