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    I would like to install a recirculating pump on the hot water line at a distant sink. This should allow a much shorter time to get hot water at the sink.
    The rrecirc pump does NOT use a return line but rather sends the "semiwarm" water back into the cold water line.

    We have a WELL and a PRESSURE TANK. Not city water. Does anyone know if a recirc pump will work with a pressure tank rather than just going to the cold water line of the water heater?
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    Having a well should not make a difference with the use of a recirculation pump.
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    Yes, that kind of pump should work just fine in your system, and it will send very little warm water into your cold line if its heat sensor is on the intake side. I use a TACO pump to do the same thing, and you should be able to get hot water to the sink in just a few seconds. Some recirculating pumps have thermostats that try to keep the water hot all the time, but one of those might leave you with only tepid water between cycles.
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