Rear outlet toilets

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    For residential use, there are a few options for rear outlets.
    These all use a tank to store the water for a flush, some are mounted on the bowl, and some are in the wall.
    These can be fed by a 1/2" pipe and 3/8" supply.

    If you are looking for floor mounted rear outlets,
    the are mady by
    Gerber Ultraflush 21310
    Amerian Standard Yorkville

    Caroma Wallvit

    If you are looking for wall hung rear outlet toilets,
    American Standard Glenwall
    Caroma Wallvit

    Toto CT708
    Commerical bowls use a 1" flushometer valve and don't work well with the small residential sized piping.
    Most of the time, these are on systems with 2" meters and 2" mains or larger and will have 1" branches for the supply.
    If your home has a 3/4" or 1" meter, don't even think about it.
    American Standard
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