Rain shower, handheld and tub.

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  1. gitngoin

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    I'm redoing the master bath, I want a big rain shower head, wife wants handheld and both of us want a tub spout. Can I get (find) a shower arm witha built in diverter? Is their a better way? We do not care for the spout diverter and I am at a loss as to what to get....does it exist? Who makes it? I want a "clean job" no mickey mouse junk....but no darn $2000.00 fixture either!


  2. jadnashua

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    You need a divertor valve. Most of the brand names make them. Sounds like you need a 3-port job, but double-check. Check out Delta, Grohe, etc. It gets messier if you want various combinations rather than switching between the devices, but it can be done, too.
  3. JohnD

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    Delta offers a diverter that attaches at the end of your shower arm. You then attach your shower head to the forward section of the diverter and your hand sprayer hose to the side section. You can get these in different finishes to match your faucet.
  4. thcornwall

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    Diverter, tempAssure???? What do I need for shower?

    I am remodeling our bathroom and want to install a showerhead and handheld shower fixture with a one handle control. How do I do this? Delta has all the TempAssure line, but do I need a separate diverter on the wall, or can that act as a diverter too? Or, (as you can tell, I am clueless) can the diverter be just attached to the normal handle, or do I have to have a separate diverter on the wall?

    Please help??? I don't know what to buy.
  5. norcal1

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