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    I have created this post because I need some questions answered by Contractors. I am actually a web designer, but many of my friends and family are builders. They ask me for web sites and I noticed they all ask for the same things (i.e. Home Page, About Us, Services, Contact, Photo Gallery).

    My question is: Do Contractors really need web sites?

    The reason I'm asking is because I am in the process of creating a web tool to make it as easy to create a web page as it is to write an email. This way it will be a lot cheaper and easier to have a web site and manage it.

    I am hoping people will be willing to give me some feedback on this idea and take my survey. The survey is 10 quick questions, but I welcome more of your thoughts! =)

    The survey is at:

    If you are willing to give me more info or have any questions, please email me at:

    Sincere Regards,


    Ray Hayward
  2. an easy web site

    their is already a pretty easy Web design out there...

    I get my site directly through yellopw pages, but they
    gouge me badly for it..... 19 per month is dirt cheap..

    they claim its including yellow advertiseing included.....

    So I am paying through the nose for it and would love to find some-one that has the exact same design or someting easier....

    I tried a fing other sites, like blue-host .to take my web site
    to but it is like learning Russian. and Arabic .........

    if you dont have a degree from M.I.T or you ar not a
    Rodes Scholer you cant navagate the damn thing....

    ( and I DO have a college ed)

    build it and ..........they will come........
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    I didn't go to the questionairre, but may later. I do not have, or need a web site, because I do not want to spend the time to keep it current and relevent. I would do little to provide additional customers because I would only be able to check it in the early morning or late evening, so any urgent questions would be out of date by then.
  4. web sites are great

    When you can talk to a customer on the
    phone while they are in their office in front of
    the computor and can direct
    them to your web site for all the information that
    they need to know on water heaters.....

    while you are driveing along on the interstate
    and they are looking at your site.... that is great......

    I have sold hundreds of water heaters that way...

    I dont let anyone post questioins, I dont need that either....

    I have my mobile phone number on the back page
    if they want to call me personally.....

    I update my site every so often...its no big deal......

    the main selling point of a web site is it makes you a
    cut above all the other "dumb apes " out there.....

    becasue the customer figures if you can personally
    work a web site...make it ledgible and informative....

    odds are you have more braines that the last dumbass
    they let into their home......

    at the very least they are pretty sure that
    you are able to read and write.....LOL

    also it is so cheap.......

    Blue Host charges 7 bucks a month.. but is soooo difficult
    to navagate

    I am presently being gouged from SBC for a lot of money
    but it seems to pay off anyway.......

    I cant complain on anything but the high price.
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    SInce my "second job" is maintaining a network of 50+ computers, I do not need the extra challenge of a web site.
  6. Being easy is not what it's about

    Many websites are FREE with purchase of domain most times.

    I avoid those soliciters that come to me about website building when I didn't ask for it.
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