Question on installing a Signa Jacuzzi Soaker Tub

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  1. campmi

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    I'm installing a Jacuzzi Signa Soaker Tub into an alcove. I have a couple couple of questions regarding settting the tub. The website says the tub has an Exclusive Tru-Levelâ„¢ self-leveling base system. My assumption is that I don't need a mortar bed as long as the base is level. Is that all correct?

    Also I'd like to raise the tub about 3 inches so I could get the drain across a joist. I plan on geting 2 pieces of 3/4 plywood to add the 3 inches. Does anyone see a problem with this. Thanks all for your help. Just for the record this is going in an alcove with no shower. The shower area is separate.

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    The Tru-Level system probably depends on it setting on a complete floor surface, so whatever you do to raise the floor, and I am not sure I agree with your plan as far as the drain is concerned, you will need to make sure the tub is properly supported.
  3. campmi

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    Right now I've got 3/4 ply over 2 X10 joists. My plan would be to sandwich on top of the current plywood 4 or maybe 3 (correction to the 2 i put on first) more sheets to raise the bottom 3 inches. Do you have any other ideas on how to get a drain over a joist to the overflow tube.
  4. campmi

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    Anyone else have an opinion?
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