Question On How To Adjust Velux Door/ Window Catch

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by driz, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. driz

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    Sep 8, 2008
    This is about a set of Velux doors made in 1978 on my Father in laws house in Germany. The door is a triple pain that you can open regularly as a door or as a security means will unhinge across the top and pull inwards along the top a foot or so. It's hard to describe but surely someone knows exactly what I have here. Anyways these monsters are pure precision only, made for those heavy block houses a foot thick where nothing moves much for 100 or more years. Adjustment is zero zilch on all the hinges and they are precision set into the jamb.
    Over the years the one used most has developed what I guess is a subtle bowing in the middle right where the latch engages. This is just a snap in latch which holds the door closed with a clamping action. Full latching is done by 2 other spaced latches that are angled and suck the door tight. Those work fine, it's the small clasp latch that doesn't quite catch anymore. Of course it is a neat little self centering thing full of German precision but it allows absolutely no movement laterally whatsoever. In fact it sits down in the little track in the wood custom fitted with its outer edges protruding over the edges of the wood that forms the flange. That's the gist of it and I hope the pictures show what I mean.
    I see no way to adjust that latching mechanism in any way without cutting away some of that wooden track and moving the latch sideways a tad. Of course it's not enough to relocate another hole completely but rather right along side the other holes about an eighth of an inch. So is that what needs doing or is there some other mystical fix that I can't see? Here is a link to the photobucket album with the somewhat poor pictures if it works. door latch/

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Whoever installed the latchplate didn't do you any favors. If the screws had been centered in the slots, you'd have been able to at least move it up or down some. Maybe a shim underneath one end would rotate it enough?
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  4. driz

    driz New Member

    Sep 8, 2008
    No,that's not the issue though it looks like it. Actually this is a very high quality setup in many ways. That little clasp sitting in the middle is self centering over a very long distance. It's a great setup except for that little fact that it is unable to take up that slight bow. Typical German precision stuff but lacking in that slop factor needed for when things shift from weather and age ect. You should see those hinges the entire unit hangs on. Only 4 small brass hinges that exit through form fitted holes in the moldings so they are completely hidden. Truly you have to know your stuff to install these babies.
    Heck, for all I know they make another unit that extends further to do this. That's my problem this is all unfamiliar stuff to this Jack of a few trade and master of nothin.
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