Question about main distribution pipe size

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    I'm on a well. My pressuse is set to 20/40, I plan on increasing it to 40/60. I am installing a Flotec pressure tank from Home Depot that uses a 1 inch pipe size. From the pressure tank, I have an iron filter and water softner installed that use 3/4" copper pipe for all its connections. I would like to use 1" pipe from the filter/softner system for the rest of the house's main distribution. Does this make sense going from 1" (from the pressure tank) to 3/4" (for the water filtration system) to 1" for the main distribution pipe? Or should I use 3/4" for the main distribution pipe since it has been reduce to that when it went through the fitration system? I have 32 total fixture units for the house and the chart recommends 1" pipe for the distribution.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. reduceing the flow

    it really wont matter much once you have reduced the flow
    to 3/4 through that iron filter....

    most everythign I see is 3/4 and works fine,

    it always reduces down at the well tank to 3/4
    or does eventually , so I wouldent fret too much over it
    worry over it too much
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    That type of increase..decrease is common with city water. Usually you will have a 1" main coming in and then either a 5/8" or 7/8" water meter and then to you're water main that I have seen in residential up to 1 1/2". So, I can't see a well being any different.
  4. ponchoman1

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    Thanks for the info. I was thinking the same thing but I just wanted to check with some experts. Thanks again.
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