Proper way to finish basement walls

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by chel_in_IL, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Northern IL (bbrrrr!!!)
    My home is about 40 years old - it's a small bi-level with a 3/4 finished lower level. I noticed while in a crawl space under the foyer that the walls are spaced out from the foundation about 1-1/2". I thought at first they did this to create a ledge under the windows and maybe for ease of wiring access, but after reading the net, it looks like one way of finishing basement walls to reduce the chance of moisture problems.

    I have a "store room" that I'm going to finish that has a half cement wall with a pair of double windows, and another full cement wall that the previous owner put a stud wall over. The wall itself to the cement is 7" deep. (2x4's, drywall, then air space to cement.) I'm not sure if there is a moisture barrier over the pink batted insulation that is between the studs.

    When I finish off the front 1/2 wall, is it best to space the stud wall out an inch from the cement like it's done throughout the rest of the basement, or can I butt the new stud wall up to the cement?

    Michelle in Northern IL (yah, it's cold here.)
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    You question is complicated. I would think that the wall is spaced away from the cement wall because the wall is uneven. Therby making it difficult to put up a straight wall by attaching 2x4's or furring strips.

    By uneven I mean if the walls are cinder block there could be motor sticking out in places etc... Doesn't have to be major uneven-ness.

    I'd wait to hear some other opinions.

  3. chel_in_IL

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    Northern IL (bbrrrr!!!)
    Well, I decided to take down part of the stud wall that was already in the room, and found why it was so deep. (The wall had drywall and plywood screwed to it, and was not finished.) It looks like the wall was made out of scrap from an old deck... There was a 2x6 used as a footer, and various sizes of boards were used as the studs. Plus, they used the area behind the drywall/plywood as a junk yard for the old dark trim that had been replaced with oak trim around the interior windows and doors. Sigh... more for me to haul out and give to the junk man.

    No insulation either...

    I was expecting a dead mouse or two, but found a fake toy mouse instead.

    Otherwise, the wall is pretty straight and even.

    So.. I will be sealing this wall and erecting new walls sometime soon.
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