Problems installing Moen shower valve.

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  1. kskier

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    I converted my dual control water shower valves to a single control. It is a Moen (moe63170)rough in 4 port with stops. The problem is, after I have hooked up all the connections, I get no water flow out of tub spout or the shower arm. I have played around with the stops by opening and closing them, still nothing. There is a large port with a screw head on on it next the cold port which I think is the balancing spool piece. Should I remove this spool piece to see if anything fell into the valve body? I have installed the valve in the right configuration but I am missing something but don't know what. Could there be an air pocket in the valve?
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  2. jimbo

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    It is not an air pocket. Yes, the part with the screw head is the balanceing spool, and that is the issue. Remember this: both stops must be full open; otherwise the balance spool will do what is is supposed to do and turn off the other side as well.

    For now, remove the spool device, see if it moves freely internally, or is clogged or stuck.
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