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  1. weather777

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    Does anyone have experience with Sherwin Williams Pro Green 200 paint:I am considering this vs Sherwin Williams Duration paint for new house inside and outside.Im wondering if its worth the extra cost to upgrade to Duration.

    From Website:

    ProGreen 200 delivers an attractive, uniform finish on a tight budget while also meeting GS-11 criteria. Its low VOC, low-odor formula makes it ideal for painting occupied areas while its durability and competitive pricing are ideal for new commercial construction applications. Available in a primer, flat, eg-shel and semigloss sheens, ProGreen 200 will satisfy virtually any project requirement.

    Thank you
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    If the wood is new and this is the first coat I would go with the best paint available and have it applied according to the directions using only the primer stated on the label.

    Pratt & Lambert has a Lifetime Warranty paint, Accolade line, that I would consider if it was the first coat going on the wood.

    You will pay more for it but P&L is the best with Benjamin Moore next in my NSHO.
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  3. jimbo

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    San Diego
    Pro green interior only, of course

    I would say to not lose any sleep over an interior wall paint. If you prep and prime the walls properly, you will almost surely repaint the walls because wifey wants a color change.....LONG before there would be any issue with the wearability of any good brand of paint.

    A scientific study can reveal minor differences in washability, one coat coverage, etc. As I say, do not lose any sleep over any of this.

    Now, for painting interior wood trim, or anything exterior, quality matters, and prep/prime is even more important.
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