Price Pfister Parisa faucet leaking below kitchen sink?

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  1. Sparty007

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    So I noticed a few small drips of water under my sink and upon looking - the small drips are forming up inside the faucet where the copper supply lines enter the faucet body. It looks like something is leaking. Upon calling Price Pfister they advised to replace the cartridge and retaining nut (the one that holds the cartridge down). They shipped it, I replaced them and it did not impact the small leak whatsoever.

    Anyone got any idea what could be causing this leak? Some pictures below.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide


    2013-03-02_11-06-18_954.jpg Price P 2013-03-02_11-06-18_954.jpg 2013-03-02_11-06-36_751.jpg 2013-03-02_11-03-53_564.jpg 2013-03-02_11-04-08_445.jpg
  2. joemcl

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    Mar 2, 2013
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    It could be possible the nut that ties the sprayer head to the hose is loose, if this only drips when the water is running. If it drips constantly, there is most likely an internal leak, that can not be repaired. In my opinion PF is not a very reliable faucet.
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