Price Pfiester bath faucet now turns backward

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Ok, this is weird.

    I recently tiled the bath surround and had removed the faucet handles and other stuff. While working there was a little white plastic stop that fell off the stem. I waited until the job was complete to replace the little stops.

    I had turned the stems on to use the water before replacing the white stops.

    After putting the stops back on - in order to turn on the water, the stems needed to be turned opposite from the way they turned originally.

    After fiddling around for a while and by shear luck, I got the cold to work correctly.

    I have not been so lucky with the hot.

    What is the trick to getting these things adjusted? They are probably 18 year old faucets and the model number had long been forgotten.

    If the white plastic stops are off you can turn the stems and the water will go on, keep turning, the water goes off, keep turning the water comes on...etc., etc., etc.

    My wife and son agree that things have changed or else I would think I have gone crazy.
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