Pressure tank issue??

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    I have a well rite(flexcon) 62 gallon tank-its about 15 years old. I'm using a 40/60 pressure ratio on my Square D pressure switch. The tanks is set at 38#s and is slowly losing pressure.My pump is a submersible goulds pump(110 feet) with a grunfous controller
    I filled it to 38# two weeks ago and now its at 31#s-this has been slowly getting worse. Making the pump short cycle and give strange high pressure readings on gauge. This is the third time in past 3 months I needed to top off air pressure.
    My question is this tank bladder giving up and needing replacement???
    also is there a better brand tank out there to get this time?WellXtrol?

    I take the pressure readings with water pressure drained and have a super good pressure gauge.
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  2. cacher_chick

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    Think of it like the tire on your car.

    Make sure you measuring it with the water drained from the tank and a good quality pressure gauge.

    If it's losing air, it's shot.

    According to the experts here, the lifespan of a new pressure tank is about 8 years.
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    I'd say that tank doesn't owe you anything. Probably won't get that from any new one, regardless of brand. Best to limit cycling to extend the life of the system.
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