power got disconnected now the system doesn't work properly

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    If anyone can help me I would be incredibly grateful! my husband is deployed and I know next to nothing about our sprinkler system. We have a rainbird ESP system which I taught myself to program. It was working just fine according to the program - sprinklers working & water coming out etc. Then someone accidentally turned off the power to the pump (and the outside refrigerator Uggh!) when I turned the power back on I re-programmed the unit, but no water comes out even when I run a test on all the valves. The pump sounds like it is working - it is making a noise similar to that it makes when it is pumping water - but there is no 'click' then the louder noise that comes afterwards.
    I hope I explained this well enough! my grass is going crunchy and I need some help.
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    Maybe you need to prime the pump.

    Where does your water come from ?
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