Poss. asbestos near pipes?

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  1. Rad777

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    I am new to DIY, with a recent home purchase I am getting a warm welcome. However, fixing a leak in the wall shows a batt of between two wall joists. My father in law passed away from asbestos and hence wife is worried.

    I checked online and most of the time, the asbestos I saw was white coatings?
    The lines you see are from the lattices*? (*thin strips of wood resembling thick shims).
    The paper has no labels, so I can't check online.

    Could anyone tell me if there is a likely chance there is asbestos in this batting? Thanks!

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  2. jimbo

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    Asbestos does not usually look like that . What you have looks like fibreglass, or rock wool. An asbestos test in not very expensive, and would give her peace of mind.
  3. burleymike

    burleymike New Member

    That sure does look like fiberglass. You can see the light from the flash on the camera shining on the glass fibers.

    If you take a sample outside and hold a lighter or torch flame to it, it will melt if it is fiberglass.
  4. Rad777

    Rad777 New Member

    thank you everyone, yes it is indeed fiberglass (the cotton candy like substance got stuck on a scan)... I think I was more or less confused... I still don't know if I am 100% but, I thought that asbestos was IN older fiberglass batts...

    Also while you all are so helpful, any quick ways to drain a horizontal pipe when opening the drain below it does nothing?

  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    That is not asbestos, and even if it were I doubt that you are in any danger. I worked with asbestos powder, paste, and sheets for years, along with asbestos tile and asbestos water mains, and have NEVER even had a cough from it. And that was for a period of about 50 years.
  6. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Since you are new to this, I will mention about asbestos being in popcorn paint usually, found on ceilings in older homes. http://www.asktooltalk.com/questions/faq/interior/ceilings/patch_ceiling.php

    That picture of yours looks like fiberglass to me. And, unfortunately, I have seen alot of the real deal.

    I am sorry to hear about your father in law, and I can understand your wife's concern.
  7. Rad777

    Rad777 New Member

    Well, just to send an update I repaired four right angles and one busted section ~3". I turned on the water with my wife upstairs and all I heard was "TURN IT OFF!" There was another single pipe going to the toilet across the ceiling that created a waterfall. Was kind of funny.

    Thanks everyone for the assistance which put us at ease. Here is a pic of the wall once ripped out. Maybe it'll help someone one day, I don't know, but anyway here it is.

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