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  1. psal2

    psal2 New Member

    Does anyone know what is in the posi-temp box at HD? Does the box contain the faucet body, etc? This Moen product is only $69 and sounds like a low end (but good) pressure balance unit.

    I couldn't see one on display and of course there was no help in the HD? At least Lowes lets you press that annoying "Help is needed in..." button.
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Generally, any unit sold in the depot is a complete set up including the rough-in valve and the trim. The box should indicate what is there, but take the exact Moen model number to their website and you will get the straight dope.\

    The best thing to do is insist the store guy open the box so you can see if it is OK. That is always the safest thing in a box store, because there is a high incidence of boxes being tampered with by other customers.
  3. posi temps

    moen posi temps are jsut so-so

    spend a little more money an
    get a Delta,,1700,,
  4. psal2

    psal2 New Member

    why so-so and do you mean one like the 1704LHP. Tried to do a link to it but wouldn't work.
  5. just my opinion

    the moen are ok. but the deta is
    just a better quality brand

    either will work ok

    thats all
  6. psal2

    psal2 New Member

    Locals seem limited in Delta faucets. Lowes and HD have 1323 and 1324 and then 14448 (or something like that). I also thought I saw a 601 at one of them.

    Are any of these good? If I can get one locally, I would rather do that than the Internet.
  7. psal2

    psal2 New Member

    I purchased a Delta faucet with an anti-scald pressure valve.

    I am sure like most of the others, it has the option to either thread a fitting on or sweat a 1/2 piece inside.

    Two questions:

    1) better to sweat or thread?
    2) type L or M copper?
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