poor pedestal sink install??

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  1. scrappy

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    New York
    here's the scenario...
    we just had a pedestal sink installed.
    1. the plumber never removed the caulking from the wall from the previous sink. so when he installed the basin, it can't sit flush (due to one vertical line of caulk on the left side).

    2. he only fastened it to the wall with tapcon screws. he said this was fine because our wall has about 3/4-1" of cement behind the (thin) tile, and "it won't pull out of the concrete. 1" sounds pretty thin to me as far as that goes. there is a gap all along the top rear edge and i can easily lift the front of the sink up and down ( closing and opening the gap in the back).

    3. he didn't screw the pedestal base into the floor because he said they are really hard to get at. it looks like there's plent of room to me. besides, couldn't he have just marked the location of the holes , removed the base, and then put back in place and use a wratchet to place the screws? i'm pretty sure he just used silicone caulk to "adhere" the base to our tile floor. there was also a bead on top of the pedestal to "adhere" the sink to the base.

    this sounds like he just wanted to cut out any step that involved any effort on his part. i feel like this set up will become very problematic for us in the future.

  2. nhmaster

    nhmaster Master Plumber

    S. Maine
    I think you should have checked his references first.
  3. its probably ok

    if it moves and is not flush with the wall,
    then he should come back out and clean it up a little better

    the tap cons to the tile wall is more than solid enough.......

    useing silicone to seal the pedistle ot the floor is ok and much
    safer than risking cracking your old tile floor.... that is ok with me.
    no one is supposed to be kicking the pedistle anyway...silicone is fine..that is ok..

    no one is supposed to be makeing love on the thing either....

    but if he left you a gap that you can move becasue of shitty old caulking
    he should be made to do it again and clean it up better..

    Silicone or Dap are the best ways to firm up and hide imperfections
    on a pedistle lav installation......
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  4. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I kinda like to install them so you probably could...:D
  5. I did that back in college...

    I agree with you, its best to install
    a pedistle like you have "wild teenagers"

    silicone or Dap will make the thing almost
    impervious to just about anything life can throw
    at it.....you will almost pull the whole wall
    down if it is caluked properly

    I know that is why I was
    called out to repair one one time ....lol
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  6. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I had an emergency call one night a "few" years back where I was sent to a business at about 1 AM on a Friday night...

    It seems the business owners son brought a young lady by the office to show her something and a sink fell off the wall taking the drain and angle stops with it...

    I had to meet him there Saturday morning to make it look like it never happened...

    Yea doing wild thangs on bathroom sinks can surprise you...
  7. Herk

    Herk Plumber

    S.E. Idaho
    I never fasten the pedestal to the floor. I need to be able to pull it out to service it or replace the trap or waste parts.

    Rather, I use silicone between sink and pedestal, and put a bead around the outside of the pedestal. If I need to get back in there, I can just cut the caulk.

    When I install, I put the pedestal partially beneath the sink, leaving room to tighten trap and tubes. Then I push it in and caulk it.
  8. Master Plumber 101

    Master Plumber 101 In the Trades

    I use caulk also between sink and pedestal, I also caulk it to the floor. If there is anchoring holes in pedestal I will use this if I can besides caulking. you can also achieve connecting plumbing using a right angle channel lock. This works excellent for pedestal installs. I use lag screws when anchoring to the wall if I know there is backing behind drywall. If there is nothing I use toggles to hold the sink tight to the wall. I know some might not agree but it does work well.
  9. nhmaster

    nhmaster Master Plumber

    S. Maine
    I like to walk in, take a look, shake my head in disgust and leave :D

    God I hate pedistal sinks and the bonehead's that decided to bring them back from the grave where they belong.:D

    What's next? Wall hungs with chrome legs? Wooopee..

    How about the dresser that someone decided to turn into a lav? Boy that's fun making up the connection behind all those drawer deviders:D

    Then there the "floating" glass lavs that need a custom european overflow and supply tubes. Wonderfull stuff. So stylish to brush you teeth in.

    Here's a good one. A butchers table converted to a lav with a china drop in sink made in Mexico. Faucet mounts on the wood. Love rich people, really I do. So creative.
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