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  1. psolutions

    psolutions New Member

    South Carolina
    We are thinking of moving to a software based scheduling and dispatch solution... Anyone have any suggestions and experience with these? I want something simple enough to learn, but hopefully to integrate into quickbooks..

    Pulling customer info and notes up in quickbooks is very ineffective.
  2. let me know how it works.....

    let me know how that works...

    i think I would be pulling my hair out trying
    to figure out a software package like that.....

    I use quickbook for my own basic business files..

    Calls are dispatched over Nextel after being directly paged to me
    and then approved by me.

    Honestly, I am lucky if my service techs will fill out a work order
    properly for me.....with all the important info and in a
    legible manner.....

    I cant immagine trying to train them on
    anything that might require more than basic writeing skills....

    for me, it would be like giving a monkey a loaded revolver,
    with the hammer cocked back....
    no goood can ever come from it.....

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  3. psolutions

    psolutions New Member

    South Carolina
    HAHA! Thats kinda what i was thinking too. But i really am disappointed mostly with customer information and limitations in quickbooks.

    Im trying to find a way to keep detailed communications and job notes between customer kept up in a software solution outside of quickbooks that integrates and updates data in quick books.

    Right now the person doing the scheduling and handling calls enters the info in quickbooks. I dont really like anyone logging into quick books except my wife .Who does the books, she always seems to make more than me though:)
  4. 99k

    99k Radon Contractor and Water Treatment

    Fairfield Co.,Connecticut
    I'm interested to hear feedback in this area. I got the urge to buy software because my personal system of using Excel to track my customers was very inadeqate. After doing a lot of research, I couldn't find any positive comments on any software (including Quickbooks) and so I've done nothing. I really want software that I can keep a running history of each customers equipment, repairs, pictures, automatic scheduling for future maintenance, etc. I really am leary of web based services where I give them the information and they maintain it ... skeptical that I will be held hostage and have to tolerate excessive fees or poor service ... perhaps I am too cautious.
  5. D'Brie

    D'Brie Apprentice Plumber

    NW Washington State
    DO NOT use KRS software (Texas based). Will not work with Windows and they have non-existant tech (lack of) support.
  6. Hello,

    I need a plumber.

    When you can be here?


    Okay that will work for us, our address is blah blah blah, blah-blah, blabblah. 43220

    "We'll see you then, thanks for calling."

  7. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona


    I need a plumber

    What's the problem?

    What's your addess?

    See you in a little while.
  8. Quick books is the best for me...

    Quick books pro is all I need.....

    as long as you got a pass word so no skum bag employees
    can look at your ledjer or steal your client list ,
    it is probably the absolute best you can ever acheive......

    I just had an old customer call me with a leaking Rheem 50 gallon power vent water heater, we installed it sometime back...

    the serial number on the heater claims it was a june of 01 unit...

    the 6 year warranty ran out about year and a half ago...

    She cant find her paper work and expects me to prove when it was installed by us......ASAP ----NOW...
    its starting to become a rather snotty conversation,,,,,

    I jump on my quick book pro account and find her check number and the date it was installed in about 30 seconds

    ok , maybe it took a minute and a half....

    and yes the warranty was over about a year and 3 months ago.... sorry about your luck

    would you like us to install a Bradford White this time around??.

    It almost gives me " half a woody"

    to find that information so fast and silence the
    grumbling from that customer.....

    I got a customer ledger with every one that
    I have ever worked for since 1997.
    and I can carry it all with me on my lap-top
    if I so choose....

    it really just dont get no better.....

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  9. Cookie

    Cookie .

    In order to understand this, I need to ask, since I am of the female persuasion, is a half of woody not as good as a whole woody? :D
    Inquiring minds here, (female co-workers and I) want to know. We are not skilled in it.
  10. full woody vs half a woody.....


    I guess it dont take much to get me excited...

    I dont have much of a life, I suppose.

    I just still remember the days before computors...

    pre 1980 when it would have taken literally hours of

    digging to do what I just did in a minute....this morning

    to define a half a woody....

    a half a woody is like a rush or a thrill...... or "warm fuzzies"

    Cookie..... I am pretty sure you have seen a "full woddy" before..

    no definition is necessary .LOL.....
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  11. Cookie

    Cookie .

    You guys are celebs in this office. :D
    One girl loves Mark, one loves, Terry and thinks he is the coolest, one adores Rugged, and the list goes on and on, one wants to meet HJ. You have no idea.One thinks Cass is dreamy. I am holding out for Tom Hanks.
    Not to embarrass you all, not much anyway, your posts are read each & everyday like the morning press with a coffee. :D
    ha ha.
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