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  1. Eric Schattschneider

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    Hi Folks - this is first time posting here. I have been having a problem where my washing machine hooks up. When we first bought our house the standard flipper switch (Ball Valve) failed and we had a mess in our house. At that time the flipper switch (ball valve) was replace with another unit. Fast forward about 6 years and that Flipper Valve failed again.

    So I had the plumber come out and he put in 2 quality standard valves (rebuildable) like the ones that would be on an outside faucet. About a month later they started leaking. Called the plumber again and he came out and said they should not have failed. I should also mention at the time he put in new shock absorbers on (the unit that prevents problems when washing machine shuts off water).

    Once the second set was in he said I should get my machine checked. Had the service man in. Machine checks out fine.

    Since then the valves went out 2 more times. Seems like it is happening on the cold side more. The last 2 times the threaded part of the valve that goes into the pipe fitting has been cracking.

    Been reading online and might have though water pressure is too high because I live very close to water tower. I put a water pressure gauge on and the water pressure is about 65-70 lbs. From what I read that is perfect. Anything higher than 80 seems to be where something with water pressure has to be done.

    So I am kind of at a loss. My thought now is to go back to the Ball Bearing type valve.

    the washing machine I have is the WhirlPool Duet.

    Any help would be great.

  2. hj

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    The make, model, or type of washing machine has nothing to do with your problem because all they do is open and close the valve to fill the machine. I have never seen the problems you are describing, but intuitively feel that you are using inferior valves, since that should not happen, at least not as soon or frequently as you describe.
  3. Eric Schattschneider

    Eric Schattschneider New Member

    Thanks for chiming in. I am going to go back to a ball valve. It is something that sure gets a person worked up.
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