plumbing 1500 sq ft unfinished basement w/ejection pump

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  1. completelyhis

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    I am going to be plumbing my 1500 sq ft basement this weekend. i have already done all the waste lines (when I poured the concrete). I also installed a little giant sewage ejection pump/basin. link is here. (the top one).

    The basin is in the bathroom, which is closest to the main sewer line for the house. Where I live the building code is based on UPC 2006. in the bathroom there is a total of 10 dfu units, not including the ejection pump (total of 12 units go into the basin). I am able to vent 5 of the bathroom dfu units easily, up an existing 2" vent I put through when I did a remodel upstairs some time ago.

    The pump is able to do 80gpm, which, from what I can gather allows me to vent it in 2" up to 150' developed length.

    My questions are:
    1. do I have to vent the sump seperately?
    2. how does one calcuate the dfu of the ejection system itself?
    3. are there any other constraints on ejection system venting, like no more than XX feet horizontal, etc.

    Ideally, I'd like to vent all 10 dfu of the bathroom up that one vent, so I don't have to run another one!

    We don't always get what we want, though!


  2. Herk

    Herk Plumber

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    The UPC is a bit vague on venting separately - yes, it has to be separately vented but can be tied into a larger vent somewhere else. However, I strongly recommend venting it separately. The pump moves water quickly and it has to be as quickly replaced by air and can most certainly siphon traps.
  3. completelyhis

    completelyhis New Member

    the siphoning was what had me concerned as well. I'll go ahead and run a dedicated vent for the vent...more work, but better in the long run.

    as to the rest of the project, my understanding of the UPC is that I can vent 24 dfu's on a 2" vent, not exceding 120' total. If that is the case, I should have no problem venting the entire bathroom via the vent I put in earlier, right?
  4. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    You would need a much larger pump to create a suction in a 2" vent pipe, especially enough to siphon a trap.
  5. completelyhis

    completelyhis New Member

    if that is the case, having 24 dfu's available on a 2" vent, I could put my toilet, double basin sink, shower, washing machine, and ejection system all on the same 2" vent?
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