pinholes in copper

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  1. blacktop37

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    Hello plumbing doctors. I have seen several comments on the forum about this problem. We have lived in our homes 25 years. At the end of our addition we have 7 homes on 1 acre lots. Well water 18 grains hard, Pretty high alkaline. Cant remember how high but borderline high. no iron, small mount of dissolved solids. great taste. my Dads copper and a neighbor 6 houses away cannot go 3 months without repairing copper. Soft side or hard same problem. 5 other neighbors no problems at all. The copper gets so thin you can crush it in your hand. also in both houses the inside of the pipe gets a very bright green coating. My pipes have never had this. My dad put his ground from the electric circut box right into the basement floor(very dry basement) with a normal ground rod. Could this be the problem? the rod would never get moisture. I am ready to believe the problem may not be the water.
    Thanks sooo much for your help and your much needed opinion
  2. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Are these homes on a comunity well, or, individual wells?
    Individual wells may vary.
    The grounding may be a factor.

    You are facing a problem that is difficult to find the exact problem and cure.
    There may be several individual problems adding up into a combination problem.
    There is a lot of information here on copperpipe corrosion for your reading pleasure.

    You are asking the right questions and looking in the right areas.
    Good luck on finding your cure.

    In some cases (many) it is far easier just to repipe using a material such as PEX or CPVC.
  3. Gary Slusser

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    There are many causes for pinholes in copper tubing but electrical grounding is a prime cause. Dad should move is ground electrode (rod) and then test how good a ground he gets; less than 25 ohms is code and when not met, more rods are needed.

    Phone, security system, and any other drounds on teh water lines is also a cause. So is bacteria, high DO and CO2 or TDS content. Hot water recirculation is too.

    Here is probably the best web site for all things to do with 'corrosion'. and a search of the site for copper tubing here.
  4. blacktop37

    blacktop37 New Member

    Thanks everyone, I now have some direction Terry this site is so very helpful.
  5. blacktop37

    blacktop37 New Member

    Sorry, Yes it is a private well
  6. blacktop37

    blacktop37 New Member

    Gary, Thanks you are very helpful. I was thinking That I would put the ohm meter in series with the rod and the ground wire. But I thot I had better check . I would like to end this nightmare forever.
  7. wallyworld

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    You need a specific test rig to check the resistance of a ground rod to the ground. I've never seen it done, most electricians would just drive 2 rods to meet code.
  8. Ladiesman271

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    Be careful. If there is a problem with the neutral wire provided by the electric company, there is a potential major shock hazard if you remove the ground wire!
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