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  1. freedom

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    Houston, TX
    I just recently bought my first house and I am new to this whole experience. Recently, I got a new vanity installed in my master bathroom and had it installed by a contractor. Due to the vanity being smaller than what was originally installed...the contractor cut a piece of sheet rock to move the pex pipe over. However, he made a tiny hole in the cold water pex while cutting. The contractor will be bringing back the plumber for repair.

    My question for everyone...what is the RIGHT way to fix this pex? I am wanting to know to make sure it gets fixed right because this will be behind a wall. I do not want to wake up or come home and find a pond in my house :(. I am hoping there is a permanent fix because I have been worried since it happened.
  2. Tom Sawyer

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    There is only one way to fix it and that's to cut it at the leak and put a coupling in
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