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  1. jafriede

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    I am going to be installing a water softener in a house I'm buying and will need to re-route some things. I am thinking of using Pex. I found a video on YouTube that showed 6 different methods of putting on ends. The two I'm considering are the crimp ring or the banding clamp. Which is the easiest/reliable? Is there any reason not to get the supplies from Lowes? They carry Zurn products.

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    See other post

    I use only the brass fittings and Clamp rings. Does require a tool ( About $100) but have had 0 leeks :)

    See other post :
    PEX fastener terms -compression ring, crimp,clamp...

  3. jadnashua

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    My preference is Wirsbo. The tool is not cheap. Pex has memory. With a clamp, it is always trying to loosen. With the compression/expansion Wirsbo uses, it is always trying to make the joint tigher. Do either one right, and it should be sound, but having the extra layer of actually using the memory properties just makes me feel better.
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    Jim, you are a sage amongst fools.
  5. Basement_Lurker

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    A crimp ring system from a reliable manufacturer has never given me problems. Having said that, the wisbo system is definitely a premium system with a premium price.
  6. 99k

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    The cost of materials and a tool is insignificant if you are a DIY and just cutout the plumbing contractor cost, therefore, go with the best!! Wirsbo is the best choice ... ProPress for the Pro (who can justify a 2K tool).
  7. OK?Guy

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    If you're a DIY, consider the Flair-It fittings. No tools required. It's a nut and cone set up. The nut slides over the pipe, the fitting is rocked into the pipe and the nut is threaded back over the fitting/pipe. It's that easy. Just hand tighten the nut until you can't go any further. If it leaks, tighten a little more with a Flair-It wrench. The fitting has a flaring cone that applies pressure to the ID of the pipe, while the double threaded nut threads onto both the pipe and the fitting, creating pressure against the OD of the pipe. Flair-It fittings are best used with PEX-a, which is a little softer than PEX-b.
  8. nhmaster

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    Flare it fittings are CRAP CRAP CRAPPITY CRAP.
  9. kingsotall

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    huh¿ :confused:
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