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    Septic Tank vs Vent

    Okay, things cleared up for awhile. But now we are back to everything being clogged. Let's see if I can make sense of layout of pipes. My side of the house is a two car garage coverted to living room with a bedroom added. First, is the washer, in the old "garage", next in line in my new shower/tub, then my toliet, then a ways out to the septic tank.

    1. When the laundry runs or I take a shower, the toliet bubbles. Now and then the bathtub is backing up with not very gross stuff, just dark and linty. This morning toliet is clogged.

    2. We have snaked the drain like three times with the big a.. 500.00 snake with all the bells and whisles. It seems to clear for a just a few days.

    3. Put root cleaner down there that may take weeks to work I guess.

    4. I dug up the septic tank. Peee ewww. I think this is really old and not like the ones I see pictures of online. It is not a T but rather looks like a huge pipe fitting that curves downward with a big hole in the top. The big hole in top is to vent gas, I suppose.

    5. I had the tank emptied three or five years ago, but it is just me on that tank with laundry. No kitchen stuff (separate tank).

    My brother said to get a water hose and put it in the pipe in the opposite direction and that will loosen any blockage. But wouldn't that have been cleared with the frequent snaking?

    Could it be a blocked vent on the roof? Once that was a problem like 8 years ago. Is that something I can clear myself?

    Septic people two years ago said that the tank did not need to be emptied. But things can change.

    It is SUNDAY. Calling to empty it will cost bank today. I have a house full of company_ my son home on leave. And I need my bathroom and laundry!

    Any suggestions? ( I know, I know....just move)


    I did climb on the roof in hopes of cleaning out the vent on the roof but I couldn't reach the proper vent ( after figuring out the vent for the heater wasn't the right one) without climbing onto the tile roof in the wind and cold.

    I am running the washer and it is now draining into the tub or around the main drain to the septic tank. I hate pipes! I am hoping to find a plumber to come out tomorrow. On the happy side, eventually, I am going to run out of the not so good guys who have come out here and get closer to the wonderfullly talented, and honest, and reasonably priced guy who will become like "THE plumber" we can call anytime. Send good thoughts.
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