Para-flo 60 Questions

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    We have a Para-flo 60 ceramic filter in front of a Para-flo water softener. I have some questions about the ceramic filter I'm hoping someone can help me answer:

    The ceramic filtering unit uses Marcolite ML4060. The unit is configured with a #8 disk, the softener uses a #5. Both were installed in 1995. My questions are:

    1. How often should I expect to have to re-build the control head? It was last rebuilt in 2007 when lockout was installed to keep both from regenerating at the same time. Unit was full of Iron but somehow still working OK.

    2. If a re-build is needed, is this something I can do? Have read the threads on here and watched tech during last re-build and it doesn't seem too complicated. Ideally would like someone to YouTube a rebuild but can't find anything "up there" yet. Have given up attempting to locate an assembly drawing and BOM for the control head -- apparently not something "out in the wild."

    Update Information: I found this on YouTube showing the steps to partially disassemble a control head.

    3. How often should I have to replace the media is these units? The media in both are original. I know the media in the ceramic filter is Macrolite ML4060 but don't know what media is used by the softener. Any ideas?

    4. I see that Fairmount Water Systems appears to sell Macrolite. Anyone have any experieince buying from them? Do they sell the type of Macrolite I need or is there another supplier I should be using?

    Updated information: I just spoke with Dave from Fairmount and he indicated that, per an agreement with Kinetico, they are unable to sell Macolite to a residental customer. Oh well....

    Appreciate any help I can get answering these questions.


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