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  1. nelsonba

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    When adding new circuits, what should be done in the panel prior to a rough-in inspection?
  2. Bob NH

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    New Hampshire
    I would ask the inspector what he wants.

    I would ask the inspector if it is ok to connect the devices but leave them unmounted where he could see the wiring, and I would have the conductors landed on the neutral and ground bars. The hot wire could be left open in the panel if he wanted, or landed on the breaker with the breaker off if he wanted it that way.
  3. 480sparky

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    I don't think there's anything that would require you to do anything but have the wires into the panel.

    But personally, I prefer all grounds and neutrals (except those for GFI or FCI breakers) be made up.

    I have never been an advocate of putting in any devices, especially if drywall, mud & paint are to follow rough-in. The devices will always get damages, painted, mudded, and need to be replaced in the end.
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