Painting copper pipes?

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  1. rcav8or

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    I just finished plumbing the bathroom in my pole barn. I ran all copper pipes inside so I don't have to heat the whole pole barn, just the bathroom. I have a stool, urinal, deep sink, and a line going through the wall for a spigot outside.

    My question is, even though I'd LOVE to polish the copper, I don't want that upkeep.

    Is there a good way to paint the pipes, or will condensation make that unfeasible? It hasn't condensed yet, but I figure it will down the road sometime or other.

    Or should I just insulate them with the foam?

    Suggestions, please...


  2. Gary Swart

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    Yakima WA
    If it was mine, I'd insulate with the foam. I really can't say how well paint will adhere to copper pipe or how long it will last, but I think you'll be better off with the foam.
  3. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    If you wanted to you could polish and seal with laquer which would work for a while then when it didn't look all that good you could paint. I have had paint on pipes that took a lot of work to remove. Paint tends to stick very well to copper in my NSHO.
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