Outside ground level waste line vents

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  1. gpasquale@nassaucountyny.

    gpasquale@nassaucountyny. New Member

    In New York I have seen ground level sewer line vents close to some older buildings. New construction does seem to have these. What are the rules today? Are they allowed? Can you ground level vent an outside ejector sewage pit? Thanks.
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  2. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    They are probably vents for a building trap near the front of the building, or just outside it.
  3. pattyg101

    pattyg101 New Member

    The vents you see on the street, usually infront of the building coming out of the exterior wall or sidewalk are definately trap vents. I just finished a construction job with new plumbing and thats where my trap vent is. I did hide it behind shrubs so that it is not too noticable.
  4. citykid

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    I'm in suffolk county, right next to you and I have those. Was there when I got the house.
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