Opinion on Cast iron/vs. Acrylic, Vikrell

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  1. Notahandyman

    Notahandyman New Member

    Can anyone tell me what would be the best choice of material for new bathtub. I would like cast iron, but it might be awfully hard to install with the small bathroom area I have.

    Is acrylic better than Vikrell? I KNOW fiberglass sucks, since I've had that for the last 30 yrs. & don't want to make a mistake on my choice again.

  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Vikrell is the Kohler/Sterling brand name for an acrylic finish on a fiberglass body. It has a very good reputation as these things go.

    Probably the next best thing to cast iron is the porcelain-on-cast-resin, like the Americast or Bootzcast. It is an actual baked porcelain enamel, just like an iron or steel tub, but weighs less than 100 pounds, comparted to probably 350 for a cast iron.
  3. donnaT413

    donnaT413 New Member

    I have this same question right now. I went and looked at the Kohler Villager cast iron tub, but do not like the "v" design on the front of it. So next I went to Home Depot and saw the americast. Thought that would be the way to go till I went back to where the Kohler was and told the lady. She said "oh, no you didn't buy it, did you?". She then proceeded to bring out this little kit in a box thing, which had a sample comparison of a cast iron tub and an americast. She showed me that the "white" portion on a cast iron was like really thick, while on the americast, it was a very thin layer, thus claiming that the americast would chip easy down to the black! ACK! Too many choices LOL
  4. hj

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    Now go to the American Standard distributor and have them show you "their" comparison which shows that Americast is equal to, or better than cast iron. Next go to Vickrell and they will show you how their's is better than either of the other two. In other words, it is up to you to make the decision. I have installed both cast iron and Americast, (which I prefer for second floors for obvious reasons), and have not had the customers with either have any complaints.
  5. donnaT413

    donnaT413 New Member

    yea, I figured that, but since I have no idea, I have to rely on the people in these stores.....and here! So......which should I get??? Ground floor, so I guess my contractor will have to deal with whatever I buy. I was told they will deliver the cast iron, but only into my GARAGE, not into the house, so the contractor will have to get it in on his own (or with his helpers). I just don't want something that will end up with those black-looking chips that you see on older tubs.
  6. donnaT413

    donnaT413 New Member

    oh, and back to my original problem that I started another thread on....I am fine with cast iron, but have only found ONE....the Kohler Villager, but I don't like the design on the front of it.....it has this weird looking "v" design. I need 30", and the only other ones I've seen are 32". Does anyone know of another (reasonably priced) 30" cast iron tub I can buy? What brand?
  7. Peanut9199

    Peanut9199 Customer Service Manager Plumbing Wholesale

    Ontario, Canada
  8. search on cast tub 30, and you'll get millions of results. Scroll through the first hundred, and click on a few.

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