Oooops on shower tile and shower faucet install

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    Hello all and happy sunday! I am just about complete on my bathroom remodel. I was trying to hook up the shower faucet and diverter when I noticed that the way I installed the tile and backer board that the single control lever is not going to be able to attach to the retainer which sits on the collar. This is due to the way the pressure balancing valve was installed, and my lack of knowledge on a proper install (I am a first time DIY'er). The shower escutcheon flanges away from the tile. I was thinking of adding some washers to the back of the retainer so it will extend out, but as I screwed in the retainer the first time it has locked into place. Does anyone know how I might be able to remove that retainer without breaking the plastic?

    I was trying to install a kohler bellhaven KT11552 in a brushed nickel finish. Does anyone know of a deep rough in that might work, or an extended retainer, or should I try and find an escutcheon that is recessed where the lever enters to attach to retainer and collar? Any tips, or direction as to where I can begin to salvage this oops is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    If the valve is too far inside the wall, check with Kohler to see if they have an extension kit for that valve. If it is too far outside the wall, there's no fix without moving it back in the wall. Extension kits are not usually generic, they are specific to your valve or valve series.
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    Thanks for the tip, I spoke with Kohler and they are sending me a deep rough in kit. This saves a lot of hair from being pulled out!

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