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    Buying a house (havent closed yet) and it has a large but what looks to be pretty old culligan water softener. Not even sure if it works. Never a big fan of throwing stuff away...what's everyone's general consensus...lets assume all the parts are broken...would a rebuild be worth it? I am resourceful and patient, and like to tinker and fix things...so...even if it saved just a little money, I think I'd be up for it...what do you all think? If enough of you recommend I go ahead and give it a shot, does anyone have some Links they could recommend to culligan rebuild tutorials and parts resources?

  2. Gary Slusser

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    Depending on its age, you may not be able to get parts. Or a manual. National brands rarely want you to know enough to fix the thing without calling the local dealer out.

    You can't go by age. Many non big box brand softeners last 20+ years.

    So when you move in see if it works and go from there if it doesn't. Maybe asking the previous owner if it works, what model and how old it is...
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    If it doesn't work and was not in bypass mode the resin bed will probably be so "contaminated" with buildup, that it will not be worth spending time and money on it. Sometimes, "throwing it away" is the cheapest option, and if not the cheapest maybe the best. Best, in that a new softener will give you on demand regeneration, an electronic digital timer as opposed to the analog one on the Culligan, and a new resin bed.
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