Old Existing G.E. Circuit Breaker Panel

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by Ford2001, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Ford2001

    Ford2001 New Member

    Manchester, Vermont
    Can and would you use QO SD Homeline circuit breaker in a G.E. panel.

    The panel has a 100 amp. main disconnect.

    The breakers in the G.E. panel are only going to be temporary, during the contruction

    After which, a new panel will be installed in a new location, with the
    existing G.E. panels being remove.
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  2. rmelo99

    rmelo99 Network Engineer

    Short answer is NO.

    That being said there are cross compatible breakers for some panels. Certain GE panels can take certain Cutler Hammer breakers.

    As far as SquareD is concerned even their QO and HOMELINE breakers aren't interchangable! What makes you think they would work in a GE panel?
  3. Ford2001

    Ford2001 New Member

    Manchester, Vermont
    Homeline breaker in a G.E. panel

    rmelo99 to your reply to my thread

    Didn't know, that why I put this thread in.

    Thanks for your answer. Now I know they will not work.
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