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    Aug 17, 2012

    I have miscellaneous repair parts for the O-I Sunpak Drainable Solar Collector module, model #1104. Most of the parts I have are 110 of the glass evacuated collector tubes. I can provide pictures if requested. Per the Sunpak installation, maintenance & operating guide the part numbers for the items I have are:

    Collector Tube - Part Number: 4011
    Vent Tube - Part Number: 4063
    Over-Temp Sensor - Part Number: 5182
    Misc springs, etc.

    I also have the Sunmaster Installation Manual when the job was installed in May of 1983.

    The glass evacuated collector tubes cost $50 each new back in 1980 so I really have no idea what today's market is. Would like to see them go to someone who needs them to keep their current system running. Will ship at buyers expense.

    I've had these parts in my garage since 1996 and haven't had the time to hunt down anymore solar panels or even repair and test the one panel I have. I had planned on getting enough of theses solar collectors to heat my house but that fell through back in 1996 after I was given all the spare parts that management used for repairs. Another guy beat me to getting all the panels so they gave me the parts.
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