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    Hey all,

    Trying to put a bathroom in my basement and dont have that much plumbing experience but i do a lot of work around the house myself and learn pretty quickly. My money situation is really tight so i would like to do as much of it myself as possible. As of now i know that i need to purchase and install a sewage ejector pump-cut through the floor and install that. Then i need to pitch the drains into the pump and hook the pump up to the sewer line. My questions are how do i hook the pump into the sewer line and if i post some pics can someone tell me where the best place is to connect into.

    Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    A house trap.

    I hate house traps.
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    Looks like you could cut a section out of one of those copper lines (if they are 3"), using no-hub connectors patch in a Y and run PVC to your ejector pump. You'll probably need to find the no-hub connectors at a plumbing store since the ones you can buy at places like HD and Lowes are designed for PVC to PVC (i.e., the OD of the pipe would be larger than the copper and it won't seal properly).
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