Non-centered drain and Kerdi system

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    We have a shower that the previous homeowners had converted into a closet. I am in the process of converting it back into a shower.

    After I did the demo, I found the shower drain and its in a strange (non centered) location plus the shape of the shower in general is a little weird.

    I want to use the Kerdi shower system (I've used this before on another DIY project), but since my drain is not centered and the shape of the shower is not square I'm not sure if its going to work or not. I'm open to moving the drain if I absolutely have to, but would prefer not to as I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

    I've attached a diagram of my shower dimensions.

    So the question is, can I use a Kerdi system, if so what size should I get? Do I need to move the drain? Anything else I should consider?


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    From the sound of it, you were contemplating using the foam pan...this would not work great when cut down to make the drain sit where you want it. If you were going to leave the drain where it is, you'd want to make the pan yourself out of deckmud - this will also save you money, as the pan is not inexpensive (but is fast!). As John indicated, it is common to have the outside edge of the pan to be level, all around the shower. TO achieve this and maintain the minimum 1/4" per foot slope, when the drain is closer to one wall than another, you MUST make that shorter side steeper. Carried to an extreme, this can be quite annoying, and difficult to tile cleanly. SO, you have a couple of with an uneven outside edge when cutting down a foam pan, make it out of deckmud and have steeper side because of the offset, move the drain to the middle to more equalize the slopes (it'll still be steeper on the cut edge of the Neoangle), or consider using a linear drain at one edge, and then have just one slope to the entire floor towards the drain.
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