NoMix Replacement for Mixet Valve

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    Like many, my Mixet single lever shower/tub valve developed a cold->hot bleedover problem that was not cured by replacing the valve cartridge. I installed the NoMix Model 100 replacement cartridge, replacement was easy, fast and worked like a dream. That was a year ago, yesterday I go to take a shower and there is no hot water! Turn the knob to the hot position and no water comes out while turning to the cold position results in cold water at normal pressure. All other hot water spigots/valves work through out the house. I have not had a chance to open things up and examine the NoMix cartridge at this time. Has anyone else experienced this or had other experiences with the NoMix cartridge?


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    Well Mark, my expierence is different. I called Glen Manos, the inventor, and told him my problem. He said the most likely cause is a piece of scale that broke off and became lodged in the hot water side of the valve body. This seemed logical. The ideal solution is to back flush through the hot water side of the valve body dislodging the scale. Glen I worked out the following system for back flushing the valve body.
    1) My shower nozzle has an on/off valve so I turned it off.
    2) I unplugged the water heater and turned off the cold water feed to the water heater.
    3) I opened the hot water faucets on both vanity sinks in the bathroom.
    4) Back at the shower/tub I removed the diverter/tub spout exposing the 1/2 inch copper extension.
    5) I placed my hand very tightly over the end of the 1/2 inch copper pipe and then turned on the water with the temp control in the middle position.

    The result was that the cold water flowed from the cold side of the valve body through the valve body and out the hot side of the valve body into the hot water pipes and out the vanity hot water faucets into the sink. This dislodged what ever was blocking the hot water sidie. I then restored everything to normal and now have full hot water flow!!!

    My thanks to Glen at NoMix. :)
  4. you got lucky

    all I can say is you got lucky.

    you "back flushed " the hot side of the system and most likely dislodjed

    a broken off piece of "dip tube" from your water heater.

    check into how old your water heater is,
    if it is a unit made between 93 and 97 you will most likely have to do this again and again sometime soon.

    eventually this will chew up your mix it cartridge.

    good luck
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