no yellow light on zoeller battery backup for sump pump

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    Oct 26, 2012
    Hi. We have a battery backup zoeller 507 for our very active sump pump. the battery backup has been unplugged from the wall for a while. we plugged it in and the red light went on indicating power, but the yellow light, which would indicate that the battery is charging) is not on, nor obviously the green, which would indicate that the battery was fully charged. what does this mean? do we need a new battery? unit? please help we are very technologically unsavvy and hurricane sandy is approaching!
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    I would start by checking the wiring connections between the charger and the battery. If neither the yellow or green lights ever come on, then you have a bad connection, or the charger has failed. If the battery has failed in such a way that it is an open circuit, you could have the same results, but this would not be a very common type of battery failure.

    The charger is there to maintain the battery's state of charge. It should be left plugged in 24/7/365. If you are not using a sealed battery, the water level in the battery should be checked and adjusted every few months.
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