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    Greetings all, the kitchen reno continues and thanks to all those that helped me get through my 10-2 thread. I have now pulled 10-3 through the walls and it's a week until the drywallers come in. So I'm in the lucky position of having nothing but studs in place. So I"m working on my electrical boxes today. So I have a question about one in particular.

    So this is going to be the electrical connection for the oven and it is 10-3 NM dedicated. So I was planning on using one of those metal juncrion boxes that nails to the side of a stud and brining the 10-3 into that for eventual connection to the oven when it's installed.

    But my question is if there are any rules or best practices about brining that NM into the junction box? Every video I seem to see appears to have a metal junction box with *both* cables being armored. I know the whip from the oven will be armored so that's already done. But the NM coming into the metal junction box--do I need to somehow transition this to armored *before* is gets into the box [and where would that happen]? Or if the box is stud mounted can I just drill a hole through the stud that lines up with a knockout on the box, knock out the knockout and run straight in that way (so that there is no exposed NM in that stud bay), or can I just come into that stud bay and down into the box without doing anything to the NM? Of course I'd use the proper NM to knockout connector

    Here, this might help, let me attach a terrible drawing of the proposed setup.

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    The NM comes into the box through a NM clamp that you install on the box. Bring the cable in from the top, left, or bottom, not through the side that is attached to the framing. The AC also must be terminated via a clamp attached the the box.
    If you are using a metal box, you must ground the box also. The boxes have a threaded hole for the proper grounding screw.
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