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    ok, I am a total DIY novice compared to you all in here when it comes to plumbing. I have a bathroom in this place my girlfriend bought and I need to move some things around. It is gutted and ready to plumb.

    Anyhow, there is a shower, a sink, and a toilet going in. I have done copper many times and feel safe with that ( I replaced all the galvanized in my house years ago). I have never really done much relocating of drains and vents.

    I am attaching (if I can figure out how) a photo of the current pipe set up. The house is from the 19th century and the pipes are all on the outside. as you can see (from the outside) the toilet is in the middle, and there was a sink on the left, and i would imagine a shower was on the right. The room was a kitchen when she bought it.

    I want to put the toilet around where the right pipe is coming through the wall. Leaning up near the wall, I also want to put the clawfoot bath on that same side of the room with the drain I imagine coming out around the same place, or being tied into the toilet line to come out.

    the sink would come out around the same place as the hole that is there on the left now. and nothing I guess would come out the middle.

    ok here are my many questions.

    I do not have a snap cutter so how would I tie any new materials into the old receivers that the GI pipes went into?

    what is the preferred pipe material for this?

    should I just get a simple Y bend with one side thick enough for WC and the other side the size of the sink drain and eliminate the middle vent or does the vent have to go straight up?

    I really don't know about these types of things and She can't afford a plumber so I figured this was the place to go as most people on here seem quite knowledgeable and are generally helpful..

    anyhow, here is the photo and thanks for any and all help..

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    You are probably stuck, because i doubt that any agency is going to allow any sort of plastic drain piping outside where it is subject to damage or ultraviolet deterioration. That means it will have to be done in cast iron, and for your scope of remodel it is NOT a DIY project.
  3. hj

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    What is the shipauger drilling the hole for? That pipe on the upper left is either lead or a fancy steel pipe.
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