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    Oct 10, 2013
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    I would like to install a half bath off my kitchen/laundry room. In Texas my house is built on a slab. So my options are break into the concrete.
    When I did some demo work I discovered that the main drain is right where we want to install the toilet.

    I'm wondering what other options I may have?

    I've heard about upflush toilets but don't know much. Some also mentioned building a platform and tying into the main line just above the floor. Others have mentioned that I'm not considering venting the pipe and other issues. I don't think this is a project I will take on myself but I want to be fully informed when I talk to plumbers/contractors about it.
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    Everything is dependent on where the main line is in relation to the new fixtures. If the main line is directly below the desired water closet position, more of the floor will need to be removed to place an offset in the line. There must be a vent between the fixture trap and it's connection to the main line.

    If you were to pick 3 plumbers, each of them would do it a little differently. The best thing to do with whoever you choose is to insist that a permit and inspection be done through the munipality to help ensure that the work being done meets the applicable codes. Anyone who refuses to pull a permit is trying to circumvent doing the job right.
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  4. dj2

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    Aug 13, 2013
    I agree with the above.

    A permit is a must. The inspector will sign it off if everything is to code and there are no leaks. Don't do it any other way.
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