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  1. krang

    krang New Member

    Looking for some advice on softener programming:

    Total chlorine: 1.8ppm
    Hach 5B hardness: 25gpg
    Iron: not detected

    3/4" city water service, 20 micron pre-softener filter, 7.8GPM measured typical heavy usage flow rate. 2 adults, 4 kids (3-14), ~250G/day average usage over past 12 months.

    • Fleck 5600SXT
      • BLFC sticker: 0.5GPM
      • 3/4" stainless yoke (external plumbing bypass)
      • 3.5GPM button/#2 blue injector
    • 12x52 resin tank
    • 2cuft Purolite C100x10
    • gravel underbed
    • top basket
    • 15x17x36 brine tank w/grid
    Desire 7-8 day average regen with salt efficiency (salt efficiency > regen interval). Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    50K , 15 lbs, 1750 gallons = 7 days + a 24 hr reserve. You would use 43,750 grains with 6250 in reserve. IMO you would have been better off with a 2.5 cuft.
  3. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    Here is what I see as choices -- maybe I messed up the math somehow?:
    6 lb/cf
    7000 in reserve ( in case last day is a little heavier than average)
    DO=14 (in case you go away on vacation and use little water)

    You regen every 3 days, or maybe 4 if you use less water.
    While this does not meet your 7 day number, I believe it will use less salt.

    If you did significant lawn watering or car washing, remember that water does not go thru the softener.

    Other intermediate combinations:

    8 lb/cf
    BF=11 ( a little *over* 6 lb/cf since 10.7 is 8 lb/cf)
    Regen about every 6 days

    10 lb/cf
    BF=14 ( a little *over* 10 lb/cf since 13.3 is 10 lb/cf)
    I compute that for about every 8 days. Hmmm.
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  4. krang

    krang New Member

    Reach, thank you for spelling it out for me - that is what I needed. Gary, I agree, 2.5cf would have been better, but there is a backstory on why I chose the 2cf. A local yocal water co tested my water at 16gpg. That made me go with a 2cf unit. After talking with a neighbor, they said they had their water tested a year or so ago by one of the two big-name water treatment co and it was 24gpg. I ordered a Hach 5B kit based on info in these forums and ran it several times and got 25gpg. So here we are with a slightly undersized resin tank. Time to make lemonade.
  5. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    6 lb/ft = 20,000 * 2ft = 40k, not 30. As I said above, at 50k he can get a regen every 7 days with a day in reserve.
  6. krang

    krang New Member

    Been talking with Reach, seems 8lb dosage is what I will start with and experiment from there based on the meter and titration tests. At 8lb dosage I calculate a regen every 6.7 days with 1 day reserve. Salt required is 66lb/month. Calculated some numbers, would appreciate a check by the experts:

    BW = 10 (35gal @ 3.5gpm, resin spec says 10-25 gal/cuft, split the diff)
    BD = 36 (5.9gal salt brine, 0.5gpm BLFC = 12 minutes BF, 3xBF for BF & slow rinse)
    RR = 8 (or 10)
    BF = 12 (16lb salt / 2.7lb/gal saturated = 5.9gal/ 0.5gpm BLFC)

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  7. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    So you did. I made a mistake-- 30000 would have been for 1.5 cuft. I think I was confused by the "15 lbs".
  8. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    No need to experiment, and if you get it wrong you then end up using capacity that you have to regenerate before you can 'correct' things.

    If you read what I posted and check my math based on 6 in the family with 25 grain hard water and 250 gals/day, I think you'll see that my figures are correct. If not show me where they are wrong.
  9. krang

    krang New Member

    Don't think it is a matter of right vs wrong...I'm the new guy to this. When I ran the numbers for 6lb dosage, I came up with a regen every 5.4 days with 1 day reserve. I would use a bit more water, but save ~6lbs in salt per month. Below is a clip of results from a spreadsheet I put together based on my water parameters in first post:


    On a tangent, the Purolite C100x10 resin came today and I was a bit disappointed to see "Made in China" right on the box.
  10. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    I've just redone all my math and our figures aren't matching.... BTW, you get a max of 30,000 and 60,000 at 15 lbs/ft, not 32,000 and 64,000.

    My math says 250*25= 6250 * 8= 50,000 / 25= 2000 gals - 250= 1750 / 250 = 7 days. 50,000/ 3333=15.001 lbs.
  11. krang

    krang New Member

    I'm not the expect, so correct if I am wrong. This part "250*25= 6250 * 8= 50,000 / 25= 2000 gals - 250= 1750 / 250 = 7 days" is correct for stretching 8lb dosage by 2000 grains (8lb dosage being 24,000/cuft = 48000 for 2cuft).

    The "50,000/ 3333=15.001 lbs." looks incorrect to me. The math is correct, the 3333 is what I am getting stuck on. Looks like 3333 is the grains removed @ 6lb setting (20000/6) while 24,000/8 = 3000. 48000/25=1920gal - 250 (reserve) = 1670gal/regen / 250 = 6.68days. 48000/3000=16lbs.

    I corrected the 15lb setting for 30k/60k. I also corrected the lbs NaCl/gal as I was using 2.7lb and should have been 2.991lb (3lb).
  12. ditttohead

    ditttohead Water systems designer, R&D

    Ontario California
    Keep it simple.

    1: set time to 12:01 P.M.
    2: push and release “regen” button
    3: push and hold ^ v buttons to enter master program mode
    Push “regen” button between each step to get to next step
    4: DF Gal, factory set, leave as-is
    5: VT dF1b, factory set, leave as-is
    6: CT Fd factory set. Leave as-is
    7: NT---1 factory set. Leave as-is
    8: C Set to 48.0
    9: H 25 factory set, leave as-is
    10: RS Set to SF
    11: SF Set to 20

    12: DO 14 factory set, leave as-is
    13: RT 2:00 factory set, leave as-is
    14: BW Set to 5
    15: BD 60 factory set, leave as-is
    16: RR Set to 5
    17: BF set to 11 for .5 BLFC

    18: FM t0.7 factory set, leave as-is
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