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    i have buried a holding tank and run the piping to the general location of where the shower stall will be in a basment in concrete, do i just instal the ptrap where i want the center of the shower pan to be? is there any pitch/angles, besides down to the tank, that i must install before i put in the p trap? how do i connect the pan/strainer to the riser, will it be removable if the is a leak?
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    If you are going to tile the shower pan, I suggest you go over to lots of good tiling info there.

    Ideally, the drain is in the middle of your shower floor. Once the drain runs horizontal, it should have a slope of 1/4" per foot. Also note that a shower drain should be 2". You also should have a vent line running off of the drain. It depends on the type of shower pan you use how high the drain needs to be. My unprofessional experience.
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