new project - would like input on rough draft DWV - includes 3D layout picture

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    Jan 14, 2013
    Hi all,
    I got more planning done on my DWV project this week and I'd just like to run it by everyone and see if anything is glaringly obviously wrong (UPC 2009). The images I attached don't show the connecting pipes, but the fittings and relatively close position where I'm thinking about putting them. I may also need to use a few more bends to get the wyes to line up correctly.

    Pipes are currently all pictured as 3" so I just need to find 1.5 and 2" to replace the lav on the left and bathtub on the right and a kitchen sink at the far end in the software. I'm going to attach ABS to the CI hub sticking out of the foundation wall (which goes to another bathroom and laundry room under a slab).

    One of the reasons I had to make the big U-turn is because the current setup is all too squished together and slopes backwards because it doesn't have enough room. If there are any other layouts that might work better I'm very open to the change.


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