New plumbing created water hammer noise in 3 irrigation zones

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    In short, we remodeled a small master bath by gutting and removing old galvanized pipes and replaced with new copper. The new shower Kohler valve required 3/4 inch hot and cold main supplies. So new 1 inch copper supplies to this bath for hot and cold were upgraded from 3/4 galvanized to 1 inch copper then reduced respectively for 1/2 supply for toilet, 3/4 supplies shower and 1/2 inch supply for sink hot and cold. Water arrestors were installed on the hot and cold feeds to the new shower valve within 8 inches of valve.

    No other pipe noise while using anything in the house, but now there is a noise the last 3 irrigation zones turn on and switch between them, do we get what is described as water hammer in the house.

    Note that the 3 zones that are doing this, are located in the backyard and are closest to the remodeled bath.

    So to recap, the only plumbing changes that were made were: new 1 inch hot and cold supply tied into the exisiting old galvanized plumbing for the remodeled bath along with new copper for shower, toilet and sink. All other old galvanized to be replaced after this bath is complete.

    Used lots of tie downs for the new copper. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


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